Free 3D action puzzle game with pleny of cuteness


  • Cute!
  • Humorous
  • Good physics


  • Too Short
  • Cut scenes could be shorter!


Maglev is an action/puzzle game where you control a robot called Tobot, who is in love with a Toaster. Tragically, the toaster has been kidnapped by the villainous Che Robera!

Maglev's story may be silly, but it's all very cute. Tobot is a very sympathetic looking robot, and his arch nemesis looks suitably crazy. The gameplay is based around Tobot's ability to create magnetic fields, either red or blue. The fields attract the opposite color, or repel the same.

This attraction and repulsion allows Tobot to levitate, push objects away and more. Each of the short levels in Maglev ask Tobot to use the magnetic abilities in a different way to move on.

Maglev's graphics are well done, with some nice effects, and the sound is good throughout. The choice of accents for the robots is a little odd, but give Maglev a lighthearted feel. It is very short, and there are times when the cut scenes could have been interactive.

With it's inventive gameplay, cute graphics and amusing storyline, Maglev has a lot going for it.




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